Your new tattoo has been applied using new sterile needles, tips, gloves, ink caps, rinse cups and these items are disposed of after use. After spending the time and money to have a professional, hygienic tattoo done, you don’t want to ruin your new ink as a result of poor aftercare.

  1. Remove the cover after 1-2 hours The reason for covering a freshly made tattoo is to protect it from dirt, bacteria and keep any blood/fluids from getting on clothes.
  2. Wash gently with soap and water using clean hands After removing the cover you must wash the tattoo gently yet thoroughly using a liquid soap and warm water. Only during this first wash you may use a cloth to remove dried blood and ink. Pat dry with a clean towel.
  3. Wash your tattoo morning and night Gentle hand wash only with a mild soap. Remember to have clean hands before you touch your tattoo and use a clean towel to pat dry.
  4. Apply Hustle Butter or Tattoo Balm (available at Mex Tattoos Bali) 3 times daily or when the tattoo feels dry or itchy. Do not apply a thick layer of cream and wait two weeks or until the tattoo is healed before applying any other creams, oils or sprays.
  5. Do not swim or soak You may shower with your new tattoo but keep showers quick. Do not have baths, swim in the sea or soak in any water until ALL the flakiness has stopped and it is fully healed. Soaking your tattoo in water will result in colour loss.
  6. Wear loose clothing and keep your tattoo out of direct sunlight during healing. Your tattoo will usually push ink out and leave marks on clothing and sheets so keep this in mind. It is very important to make sure your bed sheets and clothing are washed and clean. Cover your new tattoo with clothing if you are going to be in the sun and only after it has healed should you apply sunscreen.
  7. Do not pick or scratch Tattoos may form scabs and flaking skin. Leave your tattoo alone, do not pick or scratch. After your initial flake falls off, you may experience a secondary flake known as milky skin which will last up to a week. Keep applying cream and avoid sunlight until this goes away.
  8. Typically tattoos take 10-14 days to heal Follow the above instructions until your tattoo is completely healed.

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